Wednesday, November 13, 2013

eight year old woes or why parenting is hard

Last week at Parent Teacher Conferences we got a letter from H. It's so adorable I decided to post it here. I wanted to just scan it for the added handwriting effect, but it's written very lightly in pencil and I doubt it will come out.

Dear Mom and dad I wanna new bike. And you always tell me to go play outside. And my bike and kindove everything else is a handy down And I don't even know how old it is. And even kindove junky and old and rusty. And it is super super hard to pedal it. And it's seat is really relly hard.
Name: H.

Truth be told, his bike IS really old and junky and rusty and a hand me down. I'm not sure about the pedaling, but I do imagine the seat is really hard.

Life is hard when you're the fifth child.

Especially when, while your parents find your letter adorable to the max and they would love to rush to the store and buy a new bike based solely on the adorableness.... truthfully, they aren't exactly moved to get on the "new bike" bandwagon.

The reality is that you have trouble taking care of the current rusty junky bike......and your scooter, and your ripstick, and your toys, and your balls and your clothes and your shoes. Your definition of putting things away is dropping them in the yard, the house or your room and walking away.

Our definition is different.

So my darling boy, let's work on this together. You practice putting things away (our definition, not yours) and we will think about a new shiny bike.


(Oddly enough, H is a great worker, despite his slovenly ways.)

Tecfidera Update: Tomorrow will be four weeks.  In the last week I have had no stomach issues and only had my face burst into flames twice. Progress!

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