Monday, September 23, 2013

game time (or not)

We are not a household of gamers. We do not own a gaming system or video games or DS's or Gameboys or whatever is the latest toy. Do our four boys wish we had these toys? Yes, they do. But my husband and I think they are a waste of time that could be better spent playing outside, or doing sports or whatever.

This article, however is really interesting to me. Not interesting enough to actually go buy the game (sorry, boys) but definitely food for thought.

How about you?  Do you game? Do you think it could help with MS troubles?


  1. well, it couldn't hurt, right? i say buy it and call me during the day and we can play!

    we have "games" handheld as well as the console.
    for some reason, though my kids played, it was never an obsession or addiction as it is for some. i'd say that was maybe because i have mostly girls, but even for tj it was never a huge deal.

    my daughter though, she has to put a time limit on playing time for her 5 year old.

  2. We have some game systems, but play them very little. Jake would play his while I was at work, or I would play my computer game while he was at work. Usually with the absence of the other person. We had the Wii for Dylan, so it would be fun for him to get up and do something as it was supposed to make you have fun and get up. But alas, he would still sit down to play adjusting his body to still get the moving, standing effect while sitting. Luckily the system broke and we didn't get another one.

    If you do decide maybe a saturday thing, for one hour? But I think the real playing and going outside is best.