Friday, September 20, 2013

C is for Copaxone- the follow up

I'm done with Copaxone.

I've taken it for 21 months but my last shot was a week ago. It seems as if Copaxone is trying to kill me, and frankly, I rather die via the slow excruciating MS method.

One of the lesser known side effects of Copaxone is: Some patients report a short term reaction right after injecting Copaxone. This reaction can involve flushing (feeling of warmth and/or redness), chest tightness or pain with heart palpitations, anxiety, and trouble breathing.

In other words, you feel like possibly you are going to die from a heart attack. I've experienced this side effect five times total in the last 21 months, with 2 of the attacks in the last two weeks. And just to make it extra fun, each time the attack happens, it's worse than the last time. One part of the side effect that they don't even mention on their web site, is that about half an hour after your real fake heart attack, sometimes (not always) the chills will hit like you have an instant case of the Avian-Portuguese-Zombie flu. I was shaking so bad it woke my husband up. 

By the next morning I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. On most days I don't feel that great in the morning, so having a real fake heart attack the night before isn't really helpful.

Let's recall that Copaxone is a daily who wouldn't want to have a real fake heart attack followed by the Avain-Portuguese-Zombie flu, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I was already in the process of switching over to Tecfidera when my last attack hit. But starting a new medicine involves lots of paperwork, phone calls, and time. My doctor (who I don't really like, but that's another story for another day) seems to think I can just stop the Copaxone and wait for the Tecfidera to come. Which is fine by me. The thought of popping another shot in, and waiting for the next real fake heart attack is entirely unappealing.

Bring on Tecfidera!  Pills, no injections. Side effects could possibly be a flushed (red) face and GI troubles.  So I will look like I've spent too much time at the beach and I'll need a bathroom near at all times. But! No real fake heart attacks.

Maybe I should go back to school and become a mega-brain scientist who invents the next great MS drug. It will be taken in the form of chocolate bar to be eaten once daily. It will magically melt in your mouth. The side effects will be hair loss on your legs (for women) or your face (for men), so you don't have to shave any more. Another side effect will be instant improvement in your skin, no zits or wrinkles.  The final side effect will be minty fresh breath 24/7. Now, who wouldn't want that!

A new miracle drug.  I'll get right on it.


  1. I'm so sorry for all your troubles. I feel like dealth every morning to with no MS medications. I can't jump out of bed or I run into walls and walk sideways. But it takes me a good hour or two to function. Is this just old age I wonder? Although I go to bed lately between 2-4 am. Mornings, worst thing ever.

    I like your idea for a chocolate bar, It should be a candy bar to cure MS, Old age, and well...everything. No shaving would be awesome! :) I am pro you inventing this miracle and will be a sponsor.

  2. yes, do get on that.

    just wait until you can combine your fake heart attack drug with "the change" then your side effects will be double dose! (not that I would know. ;) .....I'm getting caught up. seems when i switched to feedly your blog didn't transfer over.