Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 minute Tuesday

My post for 10 minute Tuesday!

I'm trying to make dinner, but I keep getting distracted by the scene out my kitchen window.  Two of  my children and three neighbors are playing.  So innocent and cute, they are crawling around in the grass.  The two biggest boys are apparently running the game and they take turns leading the crawling children around.  Buckets are gathered and the crawlers pretend to eat from them. 

Oh yes, I am attempting to make meat loaf.  Not particularly my favorite but my four boys love it, so I make it for them.  Another glance out the window and I see my daughter laying on the backyard table while the rest of the children hover over her doctor-like. I see my son carefully lift her off the table and she resumes her crawling.

Two other kids, my son and his friend jump on the tramp.  I see them laugh and talk together as they jump.  The crawlers are now chasing each other around. I'm not really sure if the crawling game is over or if this is a new part of the game.

My two big boys are getting ready for soccer.  One child is pacing the floor, because his brother won't hurry up.  A trip to their downstairs bedroom tells me that the errant child can't find his soccer jersey.  He settles for a regular old t-shirt and they're on their way.  I am relieved that it's still (barely) warm enough and (barely) light enough that they can ride their bikes to practice.

I put the meatloaf in the oven and get ready to shred potatoes for hash browns. I had originally planned on baked potatoes, but at the last minute changed my plan.
10 minutes is up!

(The meal was delicious, if I do say so myself)