Thursday, August 23, 2012

How YOU doin'

Do you remember Joey Tribbiani from Friends? Matt LeBlanc in the hilarious role as a slightly clueless Italian playboy?

Every time he'd see a good looking girl he would say, "How YOU doin'?"

People ask me that a lot.  Though not necessarily in the Italian-Joey-I'm looking to score sort of way. Sometimes I think they really do want to know, but I know that sometimes we say it just out of habit. "Hi! How are you?" I have said those exact words to complete strangers, when truthfully I didn't know them or really care how they were.

Lately, I never really know how to answer this question.

I'm generally a private person (yes, I recognize the irony of a blogger saying that). And I'm usually pretty optimistic, so my normal built in response is, "Good!", or "Fine!" I don't even think about it, the words just fly out of my mouth.

One friend in particular, after hearing that response, looked me in the eye and said, "No really, how are you doing?"


So I'm trying to be more honest in my responses.

But then I wonder if people really want to know?  Do they want to know that I feel crappy most of the time?  Doubtful.  Chronically sick people can be boring. 

So I'm trying out the response, "Depends on the day."  Which is true.  Sometimes I'm so-so.  Sometimes I'm terrible.

I hope that someday I can reply with truthful words, "I'm great, how are you?"

Until then, Depends on the day, is going to be my answer. 

Like it or not.

How about you?  Do you answer truthfully or out of habit?

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