Monday, May 21, 2012

planner schmanner

Do you know what I hate about MS?  Oh well, there really aren't enough words to answer that question, but the one thing I'm thinking of today is ---I can never plan for anything.

Generally speaking I am a pretty disorganized person.  I never owned a Franklin Planner (uhhh, does that date me?), half of my life is written on a paper calendar and half of it is on an iToy. I like to say that I have too much creativity running rampant to organize my sock drawer or closet, but maybe that's just laziness.

Still though, sometimes I would like to be able to say, "Yes, on Thursday I would love to meet you for lunch."  That's the kind of crazy, outlandish planning I did back in my old life.  My pre-MS life.  I knew that barring a major natural disaster or a really bad hair day, I could plan on lunch and go to lunch on Thursday.

Not anymore.

I can't plan ahead.

I may have all the desire in the world to meet a friend for lunch on Thursday, but I know now that I may wake up Thursday morning barely able to get out of bed.

It stinks.

I mourn the time when my biggest problem was a bad hair day.

How about you?  Can you plan ahead?


  1. Oh, the days of being able to plan ahead! :)

  2. I'm enjoying your voice in these blog posts. Back in my college days, I actually worked for Franklin Quest before it became Covey (talk about dating yourself). I had a Fraklin only because I got one free for working there, but I never used it. I love your comment about creativity, too.

    My father-in-law had MS (he's passed on) and in a couple of weeks my wife and I are riding in BikeMS, Utah. I started looking for related blogs just to get a better perspective, a different POV.

    Thanks for sharing,