Friday, April 27, 2012

a smash bang job

Yes, this is my car with the driver's side window obliterated.

I don't even know what happened.
I was driving to my son's competition at the high school.
I was about one block from the school in the left turn lane, waiting to turn.
All of a sudden I head a loud bang on my left and turned to see the window cracked into a bazillion pieces.
I don't know if a rock hit it or if someone driving past threw something at my window.
I managed to drive through the light and then stopped and called my husband and 911.
I then drove the rest of the block into the high school parking lot,
causing the smashed window to fall into my lap.

A policeman came to take a statement.
He was super helpful, especially when he said, "Personally, if I was a person* I would go to a car wash and use one of those vacuum thingys to take care of that glass."
And then he left.
Yes, I realize at that very moment there was probably an armed robbery, a murder and a tsunami taking place so he couldn't help me one little bit.
Not only did I have glass bits sticking out of my clothing and in my shoes, but how exactly was I supposed to drive away to that magical car wash, with my seat and door and everything full of glass?
So I did what any self respecting 40 year old woman would do,
I called my husband and cried.**
He made arrangements for (a different) son's soccer game and came and rescued me.

Needing to be rescued makes me frustrated and embarrassed and grateful all at the same time.
But, I guess we all need rescuing at one time or another.
The trick is focusing on the "grateful" part and forgetting about the rest. 

*obviously he was a robot.
**sometimes I really hate being a girl.

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