Thursday, April 19, 2012

dandelion dilemma

Every spring we get a lot of dandelions in our yard.
Last year I spent a lot of time spraying each individual flower with poison.
It was a lot of work and frankly a big pain, and physically I'm pretty sure I'm not up to it this year.
So I decided on a lazy different approach.
I told my six-year-old last week I'd pay him a nickle for each dandelion flower he picked, figuring at least they wouldn't go to seed and make a million more dandelions.
In a very short time he racked up twelve dollars.
I could see that I needed to change my game plan.
This week I told all my kids I'd pay a penny a flower.
I seriously underestimated how many dandelions there are in our yard.
I now owe the kids close to $30.
And a day later there are a ton more dandelions growing.
Apparently I need a new business plan.
I think my new plan is going to involve lots of emotional fist shaking and the words,
"Curse you dandelions!"
(At least it will be cheaper!)

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