Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my marbles

Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Yesterday for example, I picked my teenage daughter up from her job 30 minutes late.
 In desperation, she started walking home and then I drove right by her.
She is mildly amused by my craziness.

Then I came home and realized a deadline for a Cub Scout activity was upon me. I spent a good hour frantically getting the things ready, wondering "why did I wait until the very last minute to do this!"
My husband kindly informed me that Cub Scouts is tomorrow.

I can often be found muttering to myself, "I am losing my marbles."
My three year old sweetly asked me, "Did you find your marbles mama?"

I have to wonder, is this old age? I'm only 40. 
 Is this what they refer to as MS brain fog
 Or am I just literally losing my marbles?

I suppose there is no way to truly know, but if you happen to find my marbles, could you please return them!?

(My daughter last summer.)


  1. What the-huh?? You have a new blog again?

    Are you ever going to tell us when you start these things?

  2. I have asked myself these questions so many times...Is it age or brain fog? Could be too much stress

  3. My wife has that issue as well. We blame the MS but that's probably because she doesn't want to admit her age might have something to do with it.