Monday, March 26, 2012

Katniss, Panem and Me

I'm sure you're aware of the latest craze to take the country by storm.
The Hunger Games.
The movie, based on the book, made about a ga-zillion dollars over the weekend, my $12.00 included. I happily handed it over after months of anticipation.

I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the movie.
 (Despite the brutal premise.)
Yet while watching the movie, I had a strange moment of reckoning*.

While Katniss was being dragged up to the stage to face her destiny,
 I momentarily felt just like her.
I am a prisoner in a war that I didn't ask for.

Then I realized, oddly enough that I am Panem and The Capitol too.

My body, that five months ago decided to quit functioning properly, is Panem.
It's where I literally live, no matter how disfunctional it may be.

My MS is The Capitol.
It chose me.
I have no choice.
It governs unjustly.
I try to survive.
It changes the rules on a whim.
I try to adjust.
It strips away my dignity.
I persevere.
It tries to break me.
I resist.

Effie Trinkett, spokesmouth for The Capitol is fond of saying,
"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

My wish to you is the same,
 May the odds be ever in your favor, May you beat The Capitol at their own game.
Whatever your Capitol may be.

*Yah, yah, I know it's all fiction. Work with me here.

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  1. I thought that picture I drew of Katniss looked an awful lot like you...maybe because you're fighting your own war.

  2. I read this and honestly forgot to breathe. Wow. Ditto. Nicely said. Thanks.