Friday, March 16, 2012

confession and giggles

I don't really like to exercise.
I am NOT one of those people who have "run a marathon" on my bucket list.
The only running I do, is to the fridge to refill my ice cream bowl.

Yet, with MS, I need to be exercising.

I know this, but it's still a struggle to motivate myself.
Sometimes I'll have a really great motivated week and do my Yoga and Treadmill daily.
Then for no explicable reason (other than laziness), the next week I will do NOTHING.


I came across a web site lately that is really helpful in motivating me to get off my duff.
This site has all kinds of great MS related articles and advice.
Dave Bexfield (the founder of ActiveMSers) is hard core active and features MSers who ski, hike, do triathlons, etc.

As I said, I'm not aspiring for any of that craziness,
but I would like to feel better physically and mentally.
And, I would like to say I walked on my treadmill for two whole weeks in a row! also sends out a e-newsletter chock full of great tips.
Yesterdays newsletter for example, talked about Kegels.
What? You don't know what Kegels are?

I've had seven babies so I definitely know what Kegels are,
but the word Kegels makes me giggle.
Although truthfully, the definition of Kegels just isn't exciting enough to justify my giggles.
So I decided to make up my own definitions:

Kegels: Irish snack food. As in, "Aye, wee laddie, pass me a 'nother Kegel to go with my Pint and Kiss the Blarney stone while you're at it!"

Kegels: Hair conditioner. TV Commercial featuring unbelievably beautiful model with unbelievably massive mane of hair, "Ladies is your hair limp and lackluster? Dry and damaged? Try Kegels for ultimate protection and hair satisfaction"

Kegels: "Must have" toy of the holiday season. Scene: Harried mother and father who have visited every Toys R Us in the tri-state area. Mom, "Honey if we can't find that Kegel, little Suzy Schnukums will be devastated!" Dad (involuntarily shuddering), "I can almost hear the screeching now!" Mom, "We have GOT to find that Kegel! I don't care what it takes, we will not deny Suzy Schnukums her Kegel happiness!"

If you're interested in the real definition of Kegels,
it can be found here.

Now go do your Kegles!
(giggle, giggle)

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